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Is interdependent world becoming more cooperative? Let's talk about it!

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Below is the final list of panels and roundtables of AAMEC2018:

  • W1- Security and Governance in Syria Roundtable

  • T1- Central Asia and Caucasus: Prospects and Limitations of a Silk Road Initatives

  • T2- Maritime Strategy in the Era of Great Power Competition

  • T3- Media and Politics in the Middle East Roundtable

  • T4- Diplomacy in the Middle East

  • T5- Strategies of Middle Eastern States in the Era of Regional Rivalry

  • T6- Political Islam and the Dynamics of Social Movements

  • T7- New Old Player – Consequences of Russia’s Middle Eastern Comeback

  • F1- A Shifting Power Balances in East Asia

  • F2- Iran-Saudi Rivalry and the Changing Middle East

  • Y1- Competition and Cooperation in Asia (Young Researchers Panel)

  • Y2- Conflict and Cooperation in the Middle East (Young Researchers Panel)

  • Re-thinking Nationalism and Sectarianism in the Middle East

  • Turkey’s Foreign Policy: Hedging or Strategic Shift

  • New Old Player – Consequences of Russia’s Middle Eastern Comeback

  • Roundtable: Asia-Europe Business Cooperation

  • Roundtable: Security and Governance in Syria

  • Roundtable: Media and Politics in the Middle East

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Conflict and Cooperation in the Interdependent World

The “Annual Asia and the Middle East Conference” aims at creating a platform of communication between academia and expert community to broaden the understanding of political processes in Eurasia. We hope to widen knowledge on such issues as: international trade and politics, international rivalry and conflicts, geopolitical power shifts and its regional manifestations. We intend to create an unique event, that will offer both knowledge generation as well as presentation of newest and inspiring research for the participants.


Collegium Maius of the Jagiellonian University and the Jagiellonian Library

Collegium Maius: ul. Jagiellońska 15, Kraków

Jagiellonian Library: ul. Oleandry 3, Kraków

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Please note, that the organizers do not provide for accommodation for participants. Krakow offers a wide variety of housing options to chose. We advice participants to book an accommodation in the city center, close to the conference venues.



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